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Offering products from Breadwinning Mothers

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Mehr Market is an online platform for connecting lovers living inside and outside Iran to help children and families to enhance, stand and step on the path of safe and healthy life and help non-governmental organizations in this way.

Mehrmarket is a bridge for direct connection of lovers from all over the world with the pure and innocent children and mothers of our country, Iran, to catch the calloused hands which, instead of begging and requesting, present their home products.

This bazaar was set up for the first time in 2020 with the efforts of a group of Iranians living abroad to introduce the products of children and mothers in the suburbs of Isfahan, who were under the auspices of the Nilichildren, a non-governmental organization.

All benefits from the sale of these products without deducting one Rial will be donated to the creators of these products and Nilichildren organization to be spent on educational services and empowerment and support of children exposed to social harms.

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